Dev-Afrique Group

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Dev-Afrique Group


Advisory | Innovation | Data & Research


The Dev-Afrique Group (DAG) is a partnership of strategy and development professionals with specialties in international development, corporate sustainability, research, data analytics, trade and investment, and public policy in Africa.

DAG advisors provide high-level advisory and develop unique strategies for non-profit organizations and SMEs in emerging markets. Our team is leveraging technology innovation to expand public policy data in Africa.


We are present in 7 countries in Africa!

Nigeria  |  DR Congo| Ghana  | Ethiopia  | Kenya  |  Zambia  |  Uganda


Our Capabilities


  • Market research and analysis

  • Technology solutions for development

  • Corporate sustainability and social impact

  • Data analytics and insights

  • Stakeholder engagement 

  • Public policy analysis

Focus Sectors


  • Agriculture

  • Health

  • Technology

  • Education

  • Climate & Environment

Dev-Afrique Group
Advisory | Research | Data & Insights
Washington DC | Nigeria | DR Congo | Ghana
Cote D'Ivoire | Ethiopia | Kenya | Zambia